My work is also licensed for fashion and branded-content. Recent licenses include HP, Calvin Klein, LaQuinta, McDonald’s, Kennedy Space Center, and Hyatt.

An homage to the classic jingle. Country-Electro Cumbia-Dubstep-Hip Hop-Metal.

This 2018 short film won numbers awards, including Cannes, D&AD, and Webby.

This orchestral-synth mash-up was composed for Mophonics.

Composed and orchestrated this cartoon-y bit for the 55-piece Fames Orchestra. Produced with my friends at Antfood.

Alongside music and synths, cycling is another passion. This track features me playing my buddy Pete’s awesome Mando Cello.

Joy Williams performing a Chainsmokers cover for State Farm. I produced, scored the additional instrumentation at the end, and mixed. Produced for Comma.

Composed score and production. Produced for Comma.

Iron and Wine covering Cyndi Lauper for McDonald’s. I produced, additional guitar, and mix. Produced for Comma.

Composition and Production on this one for HP. Produced for Comma.

While focused on original scoring, Rheude maintains his available tracks in a licensable catalog.