While I’m known for my analog-oriented electronic project, Dudadius, I also score films, series, docs, and games. I am Emmy nominated (Lost in Middle America) along with many awards ranging from Clio’s to Cannes. At the heart of my work is a large collection of analog and modular synths. I’m also at home with orchestras, able to compose, arrange, and orchestrate. You can hear my work at the playlists below:

Visit my vlog: Circuits With Feelings

Circuits With Feelings. This playlist showcases my specialty: synth design driven, yet still emotional.

Synth and Orchestra in a Broken Blender. More traditional scoring sounds, but still with a dash of left-field electronics.

Techoustique Travelogue. Upbeat yet offbeat sounds. I’ve always been a fan of melding acoustics and sound design.